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Wound Telemedicine

When you close your eyes and try to imagine health care of the future, what does it look like?

For me the answer to that question was always a Jestons like TV screen where a doctor would immediately speak with me face to face, solve my problem, and have my medicine sent to me without ever having to leave my house. What can I say? I watched a lot of cartoons as a kid.

So when WCA set out to implement a medical communication sytem between all of our centers, that Jetsons like system was our goal. After two years we had an exceptiional tele-presence system to work with. It operated only on on Mac Computers initially, now it works on PC’s, and ran over standard internet connections. It is HIPPA compliant and connects every member of our team across the country together for instant face-to-face discussions.

We rolled the system out to each member of our corporate team first. It allowed us to share blue-prints, marketing materials, and reports immediatly with our entire team at one time, then save the video meeting for future review. Once we became more comfortable with the system, we substantially reduced our use of phones for team communications.

When we introduced the system to our physicians in each center, things really got interesting. Physicians used the system to consult with each other and show wounds in real time giving each patient the benefit of two heads instead of one.

We have now rolled this system into Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF) with a new model focused on dealing with a very difficult population of patients.

No plans for robots serving us or food in pill form, but I think we got at least on piece of the Jetsons right!