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Diabetes in Children Grows Substantially

An ADA study released this week following the prevalence of diabetes in children, reveals that the epidemic of diabetes is showing no signs of slowing down. This information is notable for several reasons. First it identifies an alarming trend of over 25% growth in Type 1 pediatric diabetes, and 23% in type 2 .

In addition to those concerning numbers was the following; “Almost 12% of type 1 diabetic children and 26% of those with type 2 disease showed signs of neuropathy, which could put them at higher risk of lower limb amputations in the future.” These type of gut wrenching numbers underscore the increasing need of advanced wound care in order to minimize amputations in this growing population. It also highlights a dire need for cooperative approaches for dealing with this dangerous disease in our pediatric population.

The only good news I see here is, a mantra I learned early on in my career, “If you can predict it, you can prevent it.” Knowing that we will see a spike in potential amputations due to nueropathy means that we have the ability to educate children with diabetes early on in ways to prevent lim