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Thriving Under Pressure, Inc. Magazine Sept. 2012

screen-shot-2011-08-17-at-105359-amI am excited to report that thanks to the amazing team I work with every day and the exceptional clients who give us the opportunity to work with them, Wound Care Advantage has made the Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the fastest growing companies in the country for the third time. This is the second time we made it in the top 500! We even had a nice story written on us in this month’s issue of the magazine.

This award is even more important since next week, Wound Care Advantage will celebrate it’s tenth anniversary! Good timing!

Making the Inc. 500 is a lot of fun and helps validate that we are the right track. Wound Care Advantage has always been an organic company, not apples and oranges type of organic, the no venture capital or huge cash influx, do it on your own and earn your payroll every day type of organic. That approach has kept us focused on our partners, hungry for opportunities, lean, and creative, building solutions and approaches that other companies simply don’t have. Being one of the few companies in the wound center management industry that has taken that approach, it makes being in the Inc. 500 that much more satisfying.

Our specalties  are helping hospital turn around centers that aren’t doing well and assisting hospitals in transitioning  from current management contracts to operating their own centers while helping them  retain more revenue. It’s not that we feel a turn-key approach is bad (Turn-key: a wound center management company builds a center for a hospital providing staff, equipment, and build-out capital in return for a growing percentage of revenue) we just feel that many hospitals need another option. WCA is focused on providing that option. Our growth seems to indicate that many partners and hospital chains agree with us!

Congratulations to the entire WCA team for achieving this award for the second year in a row, and big thank you to all of our partners. I also want to give special thanks to Bob Trautman and Palmdale Regional Hospital who gave us our first chance to prove we could be the best wound center partner in the industry!