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Why A Zombie Approach to Wound Center Management is Failing

Why A Zombie Approach to Wound Center Management is Failing

My name is Nancy Zeller and I have recently accepted the position as President of Wound Care Advantage. I will be here periodically, blogging about my experiences and discussing my thoughts on the changing world of wound care.

During my many years in medical device sales, I have had the opportunity to visit many wound centers across the country and have interacted with many individuals in various segments of the business (industry, clinical, education and wound management).

My connections are plentiful in this niche we call wound care, and in my interactions with them, I have found that the larger wound management companies in this space typically employ the same one-size fits all approach, leading to a misconception that all management companies are the same. They’re not.

I just left a career in industry to join Wound Care Advantage (WCA), a management company that thinks out of the box and is very flexible in its approach. At WCA, I am looking forward to continuing to help improve and develop our traditional management approach, while spearheading WCA’s new module program for wound centers.

Wound Care Advantage has reminded me that work in healthcare in these turbulent times — specifically wound care — can still be fun, which brings me to a recent campaign pushed out by our marketing team called the Zombie Wound Care Management Company campaign.

For years, the larger management companies in the wound care space have been thriving at what we call the “zombie approach”. Those companies tend to take the same, one-size fit all approach to all of their wound centers, regardless of whether or not it may be the best solution for many of their hospital partners. The zombie management companies come in and eat up far too much of the profits, leaving their partners with suboptimal financial performance.

It is part of the reason that Wound Care Advantage created our new module programs to supplement traditional approaches. We realize that not every center has the same needs. Some centers need help with certain areas at different times during the management cycle. The template approach that many of the other management companies use may not be working for you. We don’t blame you if you are a wound care program director or clinician who is unhappy working under a failing system of care. I hope you’ll reach out to us to see what our ways of managing wound centers can do for you.

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