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Is Your Wound Center Sustainable?

Is Your Wound Center Sustainable?

The longevity of Wound Care centers is crucial to the ever-growing population of people suffering from chronic wounds, and the overall wellness of your center comes down to its long-term sustainability. Not how it’s doing right now in the moment, but where it will be 5 years from now. However, Wound Care Advantage knows that it can be an overwhelming task to try and gauge the overall wellness of your center operations, and if it will be sustainable for years to come. Which is why WCA has broken down what each center should be reviewing for long term success in operations and caring for patients. We also created a Sustainability Score to allow you to quickly gauge where your center stands currently. Sign up below for our free monthly resources to get your score and more.

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Reviewing the health of your center can be done by looking into specific Key Performance Indicators that will help understand the overall position of the center. From here, leaders can utilize this information to build action plans and goals for the future of the center. This proactive approach will lead to ongoing improvement and success. To reach sustainability, the KPI’s that should be tracked and reviewed on an ongoing basis for wound care centers are: 

From here, the center needs to look into the day to day operations to ensure they are appropriately executing best wound care practices. Centers should be aware of the ever changing environment of wound care by having a process to adjust to these changes in best practices and regulations. This includes having ongoing educational and training opportunities, as well as yearly competency reviews. Lastly, with the mitigations of employees and prodivers becoming less consistent, centers should prepare with adequate staffing levels and provider schedules. For the centers that are seeing these complications, they should look into contingency plans for staffing as well including cross training programs, float pools, and additional providers for coverage. 

Overall, the wellness and sustainability of a Wound Care center comes down to being attentive to the state healthcare industry, while continuing to strive to deliver high quality care to patients. Wound centers are an essential partner to hospitals and the community to meet the needs of the populations of the patients we serve. At Wound Care Advantage, we’ve been committed to supporting and assisting wound centers for 20 years. Our goal is to ensure every wound center is open and serving their communities now and 20 years from now. Not sure where to start to see if you’re sustainable? Get your free Wound Center Sustainability Score and see if you’re ready for the long haul. If you have questions about sustainability, we’re a resource to help answer those questions. Email us directly at