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How We Do It: Documentation & Compliance Support by WCA

How We Do It: Documentation & Compliance Support by WCA

Q: How does WCA support wound centers with Documentation and compliance?

A: We offer support with documentation and meeting compliance through the following: 

  • Documentation Guides: The documentation guides provide clinicians with information in a detailed format that makes the documentation requirements and regulations easier to understand.
  • Hotlines Team: Hotline Team is comprised of a dedicated team of experts from auditing, clinical, and coding backgrounds providing formal reviews with recommendations based on CMS (Medicare) guidelines for the potential Cellular Tissue Products (CTP) & Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) patients. The team provides a risk assessment on key elements and allows teams timely feedback for the proposed treatment plan or adjunctive therapy. 
  • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Team: The CDI team supports documentation as well by providing feedback to ensure medical necessity is met according to the local Local Coverage Determinant (LCD) and National Coverage Determinant (NCD) of the program.

Q: What does WCA do differently when it comes to ensuring documentation is done correctly and the center captures all the revenue necessary?

  • Training and Education: Provide specialized training and education to healthcare professionals, ensuring they understand the importance of accurate documentation and revenue optimization.
  • Regular Audits and Reviews: Conduct regular audits and reviews of documentation to identify any gaps or areas for improvement, ensuring compliance and accuracy.
  • Personalized Support: Offer personalized support and guidance to healthcare centers, assisting them in optimizing documentation integrity and revenue capture based on their specific needs and challenges.
  • Continual Improvement Strategies: Actively works with healthcare centers to implement continuous improvement strategies, addressing any documentation issues promptly and effectively.
  • Industry Expertise: With a wealth of experience in wound care management, WCA brings valuable insights and best practices.

Q: How does this benefit our clients?

A: Our Documentation Guides, Hotlines, and CDI Teams benefit our clients as they aid in: accurately capture the acuity and severity of a patient’s illness in order to maintain complete and accurate wound care medical records, capture chronic medical conditions, medical necessity requirements, and promote higher-quality patient care. 

Q: What are the top reasons why Centers need this support?

A: This support and following the education and recommendations from these teams results in:

  • Better continuum of care coordination 
  • Producing fewer denials on the back-end
  • Increased gains of appropriate healthcare revenue and claims reimbursement

Q: How does Documentation Support impact the hospital? Is there a positive impact for the hospital? 

A: The impact upon hospitals from these targeted assessments and implementation support are tied to accurate documentation and coding, reducing compliance risk and supporting optimal reimbursement. This gives the hospital leadership and stakeholders confidence that the wound care center is capturing the appropriate revenue for services rendered. Furthermore, these functions, when done correctly can ensure that wound care services translate into accurate financial compensation and help prevent denials. 

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