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We understand the challenges and financial burdens hospitals face to provide this invaluable service line to their community.

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Rewriting the playbook on wound care management

After 20 years of elevating quality, service, and diminishing costs for programs around the US, we can offer you the playbook on successful wound management.
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Self-Managed Partnership

A Self-Managed Partnership puts you in control

Through an accountable and collaborative relationship we deliver quantifiable value. This unique partnership puts you in control, leveraging your talent and assets to create a thriving wound care program that improves efficiencies, provides greater clinical access, and is financially strong.
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Build a unique support package for the specific services you need.

It’s time to rethink how to operate a wound care program. Whether you are currently in an expensive management relationship or frustrated running your own program, we’ll steer you in a new and industry-defining direction towards greater program success.
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Self-Managed Partnership Advantages

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Join a network of support while maintaining program autonomy.
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Build a safety net of experts to handle unexpected program concerns.
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Build a flexible agreement that allows you to fluctuate the depth of service needed over time for both inpatient and outpatient support.
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Collaborate in a culture that empowers your people and prioritizes patient healing across the continuum of care.
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Achieve excellence in every aspect of your wound healing program

We deliver adaptable solutions that solve your current wound care challenges and also prepare you for future healthcare disruptions.


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Our 20-Point Program Assessment delves deep to find and solve the unmet challenges, and uncover new hidden opportunities.
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Our expert team provides you the data and answers that transform every aspect in the business of healing.
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We strengthen your ability to navigate change, improve efficiency and build a competitive advantage.
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Our team provides the resources and support to enable the highest level of clinical care.
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We collaborate with you to set realistic goals in sync with operational reality.
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We provide the necessary tools, resources and technology to quickly improve outcomes.
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We optimize your program to increase the capacity of wound healing in your community.