Author: Melissa Bailey

Telehealth in Wound Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the healthcare system as a whole and brought attention to remote wound management. Providers and patients alike see the benefits of providing care via telehealth.

Going upstream: Effective long-lasting problem solving

COVID, like any crisis, magnified our weaknesses and solidified our strengths. We quickly saw what was going to last at our organization: a solid customer service department, long standing relationships with key clients, and clinical employees that would go above and beyond for our patients, just to name a few.

Wound Care Revenue: If Volume is High, Why is Revenue Low?

As we evaluate wound care programs across the country, we often hear this question from hospital executives. “We see a lot of patients in our clinic, but we aren’t making any money. Why?” This post highlights three key areas that hospital leadership should understand about wound care program finances.

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