Author: Mike Comer

Hyperbaric Chambers, Should You Buy Your Own?

This post was written in 2011 and we updated it here. An essential component to a comprehensive Wound Care Program are Hyperbaric Chambers. The speed in which this approach can turn around potential amputations, among other benefits, is truly extraordinary. I am often asked by hospital administrators if they should buy their own Hyperbaric Chambers, … Continued

The Wound Care Advantage Culture

Yesterday was the 6 year employment anniversary of Kurt Arisohn, our VP of Operations. If you have  met Kurt, you will remember him. He is a force of nature, that looks about 12. At a recent meeting with the ownership of a hospital chain, the CFO of the company exclaimed after recieving Kurts business card, … Continued

Why Wound Care Programs Have Such High Patient Satisfaction Rates

For over a decade, I have consistently seen the patient satisfaction rates of wound care centers, and not just ours, soar into the high ninety percent range and never come down. Why is that? In today’s environment where patient satisfaction rates may very well dictate reimbursement levels in the near future,  wound care centers stand … Continued

Wound Care Staff

I had a phone call on Tuesday of this week from a CEO of a pretty large hospital organization. They have decided to cancel the contract with a current wound care management company, and wanted to have WCA transition the program. His primary concern was staffing. In his previous contract, the management company had hired … Continued

Spin-Off Revenue

About ten years ago I was presenting our wound program management model to the executive board of a California hospital. When I was finished, the CFO looked at me and very directly announced that we would not be a good fit since our financial bottom line was almost three million less than another wound center … Continued

Cloud Wound Care

We recieved a call this week wanting a little more information about our company. The exact question was, “What the HE** is cloud wound care?” When we realized that our caller was actually from another wound care management company, we couldn’t help but laugh a little. Cloud wound care is an approach we have been … Continued

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