Author: Mike Comer

Wound Care, Van Halen, Brown M&M’s, and EMR’s

Trust me on this, there is a common thread! In 1980, Van Halen was on top of the world as well as the charts. They were in the news as much for their antics as they were for their record-breaking tracks. The prima-donna status of their lead singer, David Lee Roth was cemented during this … Continued

ACO’s and Wound Care

Two weeks ago when HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius introduced the long awaited ACO (Accountable Care Organization) regulations, the only example she provided on how this could save a hospital money was in concert with outpatient wound care! “As part of an Accountable Care Organization a hospital that follows up with a patient, [for example] to make … Continued

Wound Care Management Company

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to wander around our new site. The goal was to make it simple. This focus follows our company in how we work with hospitals and develop programs; make it simple. We feel that hospitals should have the ability to run their own program and we provide the know-how, … Continued

Remembering Geoff

Several months ago, I went  to the City of Hope, a hospital specializing in cancer treatments, to visit a family member. Whenever the nurse came into the room , my cousin hung on every word she said. Her  actions, and her questions meant more to him than anything else in the world. That caregiver was … Continued

Station Fire….

As many of you know, over the last several days, we have been contending with intensive out of control fires in the foothills here. The fires have been very close to our Verdugo Hills Hospital facility. From our Wound Care Program and the Hyperbaric room, we have watched the efforts to stop this fire play … Continued

Hyperbaric Chambers Are Not Bags!

Here we go again! Hyperbaric Oxygen is one of the most effective therapies I have seen for preventing amputations, reducing healing times, and helping patients drastically improve their quality of life.  And as often happens, it gets stuffed into three familiar headings: Diving, Autisim, and Sports! This brief mention on Hyperbaric Chambers from WIRED Magazine, … Continued

How a Knucklehead Started a Wound Care Company…

  I was asked the other day to blog about my background and how I got involved in wound care. This is my attempt at describing the fantastic ride I have been on for the last eighteen years. When I founded Wound Care Advantage in 2002, I had come from several unique experiences in our … Continued

Wound Care Advantage

Over eighty-million people were born between 1946 and 1964. This translates into the largest number of seniors ever experienced in the United States. These seniors are also experiencing the highest levels of Diabetes, Vascular Disease, Obesity and wounds ever seen in our history. Over the next two decades these baby-boomers will put an unprecedented strain … Continued

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