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How We Do It: Documentation & Compliance Support by WCA

Q: How does WCA support wound centers with Documentation and compliance? A: We offer support with documentation and meeting compliance through the following:  Documentation Guides: The documentation guides provide clinicians with information in a detailed format that makes the documentation requirements and regulations easier to understand. Hotlines Team: Hotline Team is comprised of a dedicated … Continued

Why Woundle? How Gamification Enhances Wound Care Education Engagement (Part II)

In a previous blog, we explored the educational strategies we at Wound Care Advantage have implemented within our network using gamification and positive reinforcement. Since then, because of the outstanding success of our Luvo Points program, we’ve continued redefining what wound care education can look like. And to us, it came down to entertainment and … Continued

Osteomyelitis: When Is Specialized Wound Care or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Indicated?

When a patient with diabetes develops osteomyelitis, or a bone infection of the foot, early diagnosis and treatment can help avoid catastrophic consequences. When an infection develops in ulcerated soft tissues, it can quickly spread to the bone. A lack of blood flow deprives the area of bacteria-fighting oxygen, putting the patient at risk of … Continued

Messing with Dressings

Who is talking about the 4000 wound care products on the market for clinicians to choose from? I am. When I look at a salt shaker, I think about how I sprinkle collagen powder into my patient’s wound. Or, how I get to do arts & crafts when I’m cutting my foam for a wound … Continued

Anaheim, CA

Proud moment at DFCon 2023 with four of the five panelists on ‘Battle of the Toe & Flow’ were Wound Care Advantage providers: Laura Shin DPM, Miguel F. Manzur MD, Brian D. Lepow DPM, and Miguel Montero Baker MD. Together, they’re driving advancements in wound care and vascular health. #WhatWeDidToday #WhatWCADidToday

CMS Update: Skin Substitutes and Tissue Based Product Guidelines

This updated comprehensive free guide available below discusses upcoming changes in the use of skin substitute grafts and cellular and/or tissue-based products for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers. These changes will take effect on or after 10/1/2023, impacting several Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) including CGS, First Coast, and Novitas. Notable … Continued

What You Should Know About Peripheral Arterial Disease and Non-Healing Wounds

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a common circulatory problem that affects over 8.5 million U.S. adults and it has a 5 times higher mortality rate than leading cancers. Stemming from fatty build-up, or atherosclerosis, in the arteries, PAD causes blood vessels in the limbs to narrow. This can significantly reduce blood flow which can lead … Continued

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