The Passing of A Passionate Wound Expert and Leader…

I was saddened to learn this week about the passing of Robert Warriner III, MD, FACA, FCCP, FCCWS, a leader and tireless educator of the entire wound care industry. If you were not fortunate enough to have met or been educated by him, his accomplishments deserve your attention.  (press release) (obituary) It was an honor to have … Continued

Diabetes in Children Grows Substantially

An ADA study released this week following the prevalence of diabetes in children, reveals that the epidemic of diabetes is showing no signs of slowing down. This information is notable for several reasons. First it identifies an alarming trend of over 25% growth in Type 1 pediatric diabetes, and 23% in type 2 . In … Continued

When To Tell Hospitals “NO”

One of the frustrating issues our team often comes across when we help hospital partners transition from being with a management company to owning and controlling their own program, is the lack of correct billing, coding, and collection processes we find. More frustrating than finding these issues is often times the battle we need to … Continued

Healogics and People: Both Getting Bigger!

Last month at the SAWC conference held in Atlanta, Jeff Nelson, CEO of what was formerly Diversified Clinical Services, unveiled the name of the newest roll up in our industry; Healogics.This company is the culmination of the largest merger in the wound center management industry between Divirsified Clinical Services, and National Healing earlier this year … Continued

Wall Street Journal Is Focused On Wound Care Today!

I was very pleased to read an excellent article in today’s Wall Street Journal regarding Wound Care and focusing on the approach at Montefiore Medical Center. I was happy to see the focus on the need, approach, financial impact, and overall benefit a comprehensive approach provides rather than simply a focus on one therapy such as … Continued

Wound Centers Should Be More Like Southwest Airlines!

Our CFO, Rylan Smith, and I were sitting in the San Jose airport today waiting for our flight back to Burbank watching the Southwest flights come and go. We both commented to each other how expiditiously, efficiently, and effectively (the 3 E’s) each plane was turned around. The passengers were loaded quickly while the crew … Continued

Wound Care Progam Proformas

“Care. Compliance. Cash.” When I started in the medical world over 20 years ago, the first hospital CEO I worked with told me that; ” In hospitals, care should be your first priority, followed very closely by being fanatically compliant, and when those two things are done, keep your eye on the cash flow so … Continued

Lexus Versus Ford

Don’t worry, this is not a car review! Instead, it is a few thoughts on our responsibility to be the right tool for our clients at the right time. Last week, I had a phone call with a vendor that did not go well due in large part to my reluctance to turn around the … Continued

Wound Center Company Merger- The Largest in History!

About two weeks ago, a press release was sent out to publicize the “roll-up” of our industries’ two largest wound center management companies. Now that National Healing and Diversified Clinical Services have taken the wraps off of their much rumored merger, the million dollar question is, what does this mean for your hospital? Between the … Continued

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