Why Wound Care Programs Have Such High Patient Satisfaction Rates

For over a decade, I have consistently seen the patient satisfaction rates of wound care centers, and not just ours, soar into the high ninety percent range and never come down. Why is that? In today’s environment where patient satisfaction rates may very well dictate reimbursement levels in the near future,  wound care centers stand … Continued

Wound Care Staff

I had a phone call on Tuesday of this week from a CEO of a pretty large hospital organization. They have decided to cancel the contract with a current wound care management company, and wanted to have WCA transition the program. His primary concern was staffing. In his previous contract, the management company had hired … Continued

Spin-Off Revenue

About ten years ago I was presenting our wound program management model to the executive board of a California hospital. When I was finished, the CFO looked at me and very directly announced that we would not be a good fit since our financial bottom line was almost three million less than another wound center … Continued

Topical Hyperbaric Oxygen – Back To The Future

Early on in my hyperbaric career I remember having heated debates with other technicians over which hyperbaric chamber was the best; Multiplace vs Monoplace, oh the arguments we would have, like kids on the playground that argue Ferrari vs Lamborghini, it never failed, one kid would always throw Delorean into the debate. Well children, topical … Continued

American Diabetes Association Tour De Cure 2011

What a ride! Team Wound Care Advantage participated in the Tour de Cure 2011, in Long Beach, CA. Christi and I wobbled our way toward the start which was scary since we had to be conscious of other bikers, and scarier considering we hadn’t even started the ride! This year, over 2,000 riders participated in this … Continued

Cloud Wound Care

We recieved a call this week wanting a little more information about our company. The exact question was, “What the HE** is cloud wound care?” When we realized that our caller was actually from another wound care management company, we couldn’t help but laugh a little. Cloud wound care is an approach we have been … Continued

Hyperbaric Technicians. Is Certified Enough?

As a technician, becoming a Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (CHT) through the National Board of Diving & Hyperbaric Medical Technology (NBDHMT) is the gold standard of excellence for persons in the field of hyperbaric medicine. Over the years we have spent countless hours building, operating and managing wound care and hyperbaric facilities for hospitals across the … Continued

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