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Nine Billing and Coding Tips From Wound Care

  Billing and coding is a topic that is constantly changing in outpatient wound care. Ruth Stevens the vice president of Revenue Cycle at Wound Care Advantage recently wrote an article titled 9 Tips for Improving Your Hospital’s Wound Care Billing and Coding Performance for Becker’s Hospital Review. The article reviews real tactical tips to … Continued

Wound Center Reimbursement

Hold on to Toto, Dorothy, the winds of change are here, and it looks more like a tornado than a gentle breeze. This week, CMS published their proposed changes for OPPS, (Outpatient Prospective Payment System, which provides the rulebook on how outpatient provider based centers, which wound centers usually are, get paid) which was first … Continued

When To Tell Hospitals “NO”

One of the frustrating issues our team often comes across when we help hospital partners transition from being with a management company to owning and controlling their own program, is the lack of correct billing, coding, and collection processes we find. More frustrating than finding these issues is often times the battle we need to … Continued

Spin-Off Revenue

About ten years ago I was presenting our wound program management model to the executive board of a California hospital. When I was finished, the CFO looked at me and very directly announced that we would not be a good fit since our financial bottom line was almost three million less than another wound center … Continued

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