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Wound Care Weekly: Hospitals Sue Over Site-Neutral Rule

Last week, we discussed the “Site-Neutral Rule,” which would reduce Evaluation and Management charges for off-campus outpatient programs, including wound care and hyperbaric medicine centers. This week, 38 Hospitals sued Health and Human Services (HHS), challenging the rule. The lawsuit alleges that HHS Secretary Alex Azar exceeded his authority when this rule was implemented January 1, 2019.

Wound Care Weekly: Site-Neutral Reimbursement Impacts Wound Centers

In the final rule released in 2018 for 2019, CMS decided to reduce the E&M Level reimbursement for all off-campus departments of the hospital, including exempted centers. This reduction only affects CPT code G0463. If you have an off-campus provider-based department of the hospital, you will now be reimbursed 70% of the OPPS rate for 2019 with further reduction down to 40% in 2020.

Why Luvo?

After three years of development, we are proud and excited to finally introduce our new wound center operating system; Luvo. With that said, the question remains; Why Luvo? More than 20 years ago, I was trusted with building and operating the first wound center I had ever worked in. Let’s be honest, being a program … Continued

Finding What You Hate

It was my last day of High School. We would be graduating the next day, and somehow, by the skin of my teeth, I had made it through. The question was, what’s next? City College seemed possible, however with my attention issues and poor grades, a four year university was not on the agenda, and … Continued


When our partnership here in Los Angeles with USC Keck School Of Medicine became official this past month, it officially cemented our company as “A House Divided!” If you are at all familiar with Los Angeles, you know that when College football starts up, the city is divided into two camps: USC and UCLA. You … Continued

Wound Center Reimbursement

Hold on to Toto, Dorothy, the winds of change are here, and it looks more like a tornado than a gentle breeze. This week, CMS published their proposed changes for OPPS, (Outpatient Prospective Payment System, which provides the rulebook on how outpatient provider based centers, which wound centers usually are, get paid) which was first … Continued

Wound Centers in 2013: 5 Things To Watch For: #5

With the start of 2013 comes what is sure to be a roller-coaster of a year for the health care industry  as a whole, and hospital services in particular. Hospitals will continue to be watching carefully for what impact of the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) will have on them this year. 2013 rolls out … Continued

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