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Cloud Wound Care

We recieved a call this week wanting a little more information about our company. The exact question was, “What the HE** is cloud wound care?” When we realized that our caller was actually from another wound care management company, we couldn’t help but laugh a little. Cloud wound care is an approach we have been … Continued

Remembering Geoff

Several months ago, I went  to the City of Hope, a hospital specializing in cancer treatments, to visit a family member. Whenever the nurse came into the room , my cousin hung on every word she said. Her  actions, and her questions meant more to him than anything else in the world. That caregiver was … Continued

Hyperbaric Chambers Are Not Bags!

Here we go again! Hyperbaric Oxygen is one of the most effective therapies I have seen for preventing amputations, reducing healing times, and helping patients drastically improve their quality of life.  And as often happens, it gets stuffed into three familiar headings: Diving, Autisim, and Sports! This brief mention on Hyperbaric Chambers from WIRED Magazine, … Continued

How a Knucklehead Started a Wound Care Company…

  I was asked the other day to blog about my background and how I got involved in wound care. This is my attempt at describing the fantastic ride I have been on for the last eighteen years. When I founded Wound Care Advantage in 2002, I had come from several unique experiences in our … Continued

Health Care Reform

Over the past few weeks I have been reading a book entitled; “The Innovators Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for HealthCare by Clayton M. Christensen, and I can’t help but feel that the solution the authors advocate is almost a direct description of out-patient Wound Care Programs. The book outlines a disruptive approach that allows patients … Continued

Wound Care Center Companies

During the last few months we have received several calls from Hospitals that have a current Wound Care Program and are looking for more cost effective models. Many are currently with a management company and are looking for alternatives. Others have been operating their own programs and are finding that they may not be meeting … Continued

Wound Care EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

During SAWC in San Diego this past month, three initials came up in almost every discussion and lecture; E.M.R., or Electronic Medical Record. It is clear that with the increasing required documentation, that it has become difficult to meet the charting standards without  the assistance of an electronic format.  A new publication by HMP Communications; “Today’s … Continued

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