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CMS Update: Skin Substitutes and Tissue Based Product Guidelines

This updated comprehensive free guide available below discusses upcoming changes in the use of skin substitute grafts and cellular and/or tissue-based products for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and venous leg ulcers. These changes will take effect on or after 10/1/2023, impacting several Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) including CGS, First Coast, and Novitas. Notable … Continued

How We Do It: Documentation & Compliance Support by WCA

Q: How does WCA support wound centers with Documentation and compliance? A: We offer support with documentation and meeting compliance through the following:  Documentation Guides: The documentation guides provide clinicians with information in a detailed format that makes the documentation requirements and regulations easier to understand. Hotlines Team: Hotline Team is comprised of a dedicated … Continued

5 Tips for Managing Non-Compliant Patients

Read Part One: Strategies For Staying Safe With Aggressive Patients Non compliant patients are all too familiar in the healthcare industry, and often leave a dark spot in clinical workers’ days. In a recent study conducted by the Learning and Development department at Wound Care Advantage, it found that 71% of clinical workers agree that … Continued

Telehealth in Wound Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the healthcare system as a whole and brought attention to remote wound management. Providers and patients alike see the benefits of providing care via telehealth.

Five Tips for CTP Compliance: How to avoid being flagged for overuse

Also referred to as skin substitutes, cellular and tissue-based products (CTPs) include non-autologous human skin grafts, non-human skin substitute grafts, and biological products that form a sheet scaffolding. They’re increasingly being used in the wound care clinic for the treatment of non-healing wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, and venous ulcers. In order to ensure optimal patient care and a smooth insurance reimbursement process, it’s important for wound care clinicians to strive for accurate documentation when using CTPs. Christina Le, CNO, offers five helpful tips to help you avoid claim denials.

Wound Care Weekly: Hospitals Sue Over Site-Neutral Rule

Last week, we discussed the “Site-Neutral Rule,” which would reduce Evaluation and Management charges for off-campus outpatient programs, including wound care and hyperbaric medicine centers. This week, 38 Hospitals sued Health and Human Services (HHS), challenging the rule. The lawsuit alleges that HHS Secretary Alex Azar exceeded his authority when this rule was implemented January 1, 2019.

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