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Welcome to Crash Course

Wound care is vital for patients and their communities. Keeping every center open and financially viable has been our mission for 20 years. Today we give back some of that wisdom, knowledge, and experience from 20 years of supporting wound centers. A free crash course for hospital leaders, future leaders, or anyone interested in wound … Continued

Understanding CTPs and the Upcoming Changes: Part 1

Throughout the recent talk of the changes Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have proposed in regards to Cellular Tissue-Based Products (CTP’s), concerns have been raised in the current gaps of education and documentation needs with these products across the nation. In discussions about what CMS is proposing, industry leaders break down why specific … Continued

5 Tips To Raise Made Visit Rates

Patient care can’t happen when they’re not visiting the wound center. Which is why we’ve challenged our centers this September to see who can reach the highest rate of made visits. However, we would like to invite all clinics to take a look at their made visit rates and see what areas can be improved … Continued

5 Tips for Managing Non-Compliant Patients

Read Part One: Strategies For Staying Safe With Aggressive Patients Non compliant patients are all too familiar in the healthcare industry, and often leave a dark spot in clinical workers’ days. In a recent study conducted by the Learning and Development department at Wound Care Advantage, it found that 71% of clinical workers agree that … Continued

Caring for Wounds during the Woundless Summer

“Summer means many things to many different people, for us, it’s surfing”  – Endless Summer (1965) and if you’re living with a chronic wound, it’s not surfing, or probably anything beachy for that matter. Summer can become a difficult time of year for people living with chronic wounds, because most social events during these hot … Continued

Wound Care by the Numbers

Sources: The cost of diabetic limb complications is more than the cost of five of the most deadly cancers in the US Barshes, Neal R., et al. “The System of Care for the Diabetic Foot: Objectives, Outcomes, and Opportunities.” Diabetic Foot & Ankle, vol. 4, no. 1, Jan. 2013, p. 21847, doi:10.3402/dfa.v4i0.21847. 8.2 million Medicare … Continued

Venous Ulcers By The Numbers

Sources: Venous leg ulcers (VLUs) are the most common type of ulcers found on the leg. They account for up to 90% of lower leg ulcers: Adeyi, Adeyemi, et al. “Leg Ulcers in Older People: A Review of Management.” British Journal of Medical Practitioners, vol. 2, no. 3, Sept. 2009, pp. 21–28., Approximately 600,000 … Continued

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