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Why Your Hospital Must Have A Wound Care Strategy

It is imperative that hospitals have a wound center strategy in 2016 and beyond. Hospital leaders have known for years that without a fully functioning and self-sustaining wound care program, they can be vulnerable financially. It is important to understand some of the modern risks in healthcare and how a properly managed wound center can … Continued

Celebrating Wound Care Awareness Year Round

  Wound care awareness is not like other areas of healthcare, where there is one day, week or month that is universally accepted and celebrated. Different organizations and wound centers choose to celebrate wound care awareness at different times of the year. As professional wound healers it is important for us to take some time … Continued

Wound Care Progam Proformas

“Care. Compliance. Cash.” When I started in the medical world over 20 years ago, the first hospital CEO I worked with told me that; ” In hospitals, care should be your first priority, followed very closely by being fanatically compliant, and when those two things are done, keep your eye on the cash flow so … Continued

Wound Care Program -Definition

I often find myself explaining my business to people when asked what I do. Womb Care? Barriatric Chambers? Do you treat gunshots and stab wounds? I have come up with some pretty quick responses since I have heard them so often. Last week, a CEO of a hospital I was speaking with asked me to … Continued

Cloud Wound Care

We recieved a call this week wanting a little more information about our company. The exact question was, “What the HE** is cloud wound care?” When we realized that our caller was actually from another wound care management company, we couldn’t help but laugh a little. Cloud wound care is an approach we have been … Continued

Wound Care Management Company

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to wander around our new site. The goal was to make it simple. This focus follows our company in how we work with hospitals and develop programs; make it simple. We feel that hospitals should have the ability to run their own program and we provide the know-how, … Continued