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Are HAPIs Sabotaging Your Hospital?

A Conversation with WCA CNO Christina Le, MSHA, BSN, RN, WCC, CWS, OMS As Covid-19 patients overwhelmed hospitals and staff shortages hit, Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPI) rates skyrocketed. Hospital systems are still fighting to get these numbers back to pre-Covid levels. In this blog, we’re talking with WCA CNO Christina Le about what hospitals can … Continued

Luvo: Huddle Up!

“If you feel your center is not the well-oiled machine it could be, a morning huddle is the best way to get there.” – Christina Le, WCA CNO The first 15 minutes sets the tone for the rest of the day for you and your staff. Putting together a morning meeting used to mean coming … Continued

Managing Your Center with a Reduced Staff

Covid-19 has shaken the healthcare industry in many ways, but the one shift that will continue to challenge us long into the future is the staffing shortage amongst nurses and clinical staff. Here we’ll explore how centers can prevent shortages, maintain operations with limited staff, and assess whether or not they’re as understaffed as they … Continued

5 Wound Care Myths Still in Practice Today

Since WCA was founded 20 years ago, our industry has made great strides and advancements in both technology and method. Unfortunately these changes aren’t always well-known, allowing for less effective and sometimes even harmful practices to continue. In this blog we’ll cover 5 common myths we still see in wound care treatment and how you … Continued

3 Ways Your Wound Center Can Be An Asset for the Entire Hospital

As hospital wound centers shift away from management companies, one of the biggest benefits has been the opportunity to utilize resources and teams from programs across the continuum of hospital care.  Last month, I spoke with Medline Industries for an article discussing actionable strategies to take advantage of this trend by improving hospital wide communication … Continued

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