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Patient Satisfaction: Keep it Simple

This post is one of a series discussing patient satisfaction and a follow-up on the introduction of the new program we started piloting in the spring of 2017. It may be a case of fortunate timing, but the subject of reviews has been in the news (well, my news) quite a bit lately: Netflix just … Continued

If You’re Happy and You Know it…

Patient Satisfaction. Of all the measures in the industry that can be manipulated to make a hospital or healthcare provider look good (or bad)—and there are plenty—patient satisfaction has to rank high on the list for the weight and amount of attention it receives compared to the evidence it has as a valuable measure on … Continued

Clinical Employee Of The Month

Congratulations to Leticia Rodriguez who received Clinical Employee of the Month in May at Palmdale Regional Medical Center. In addition to the award she completed the WCA UHMS Introduction to Hyperbarics Medicine course last month, and is currently training for her WOCN certification. Leticia is the wound center’s RN, as well as Clinical Coordinator. She … Continued

Why Great Wound Healing Matters

Great wound care starts with understanding that the most important thing is providing outstanding patient care. When patient care is made the top priority, the wound care program is set up to thrive. We have all had family members or friends who have received less than great medical care. It is a helpless feeling to … Continued

Transition Your Wound Center In 2015

Transitioning from one wound care management company to another can be complicated. To get started on your journey, enjoy this infographic our team created and share it with your friends in healthcare. For more information check out our article covering transition specialists in wound care in Becker's Hospital Review. 

5 Ways To Turn Around Your Wound Center

Don’ Throw It Away!!! Many hospitals find themselves at a crossroads with an outpatient wound center that no longer works the way it once did, or simply is not living up to it’s potential. Before you throw it out of your hospital, there may be some simple steps to take that may start the process … Continued

When To Tell Hospitals “NO”

One of the frustrating issues our team often comes across when we help hospital partners transition from being with a management company to owning and controlling their own program, is the lack of correct billing, coding, and collection processes we find. More frustrating than finding these issues is often times the battle we need to … Continued

Wound Care Doctors- Bald Is Beautiful

When I am asked what the single most important aspect of a successful wound care center is, the answer is always the same; a strong physician champion. Let me make this clear, not just a Physician who professes to know wound care, but a real champion who wants the center to be exceptional. I have … Continued

Wound Care and Warren Buffett

(I know one of our former Program Directors will be disapointed that we are not discussing Jimmy Buffet, however, this discussion has more to do with revenue than Margaritas!) This morning, Warren Buffett, CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and the “Oracle of Omaha”, wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times that I am sure … Continued

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