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Wound Care Management Company

I greatly appreciate your taking the time to wander around our new site. The goal was to make it simple. This focus follows our company in how we work with hospitals and develop programs; make it simple. We feel that hospitals should have the ability to run their own program and we provide the know-how, … Continued

Newton Medical Center….

I want to thank everyone that called to find out how our teams were doing during the fires. All of our team members are safely back in their homes. What’s also exciting is on Tuesday, September 7th, the Newton Medical Center Wound Care Advantage program in Georgia opened it’s doors! I am very proud of every … Continued

Wound Care Contracts

How long is your contract? This past week WCA was asked to review a program to determine what if any improvements need to be made. We were shocked to find out that the hospital had a fifteen year contract with the management company. Is it just us or does that seem ridiculous? Now more than … Continued

Wound Care Center Companies

During the last few months we have received several calls from Hospitals that have a current Wound Care Program and are looking for more cost effective models. Many are currently with a management company and are looking for alternatives. Others have been operating their own programs and are finding that they may not be meeting … Continued

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