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The March Continues: Five Things I’m Thinking About for 2018

Technology doesn’t have to be the proverbial square peg in the round hole of the wound clinic or the hospital in general. If you can – as Bruce Lee suggested – “be like water,” there are opportunities for improvements and advances by working with the system instead of fighting against it.

Patient Satisfaction: Keep it Simple

This post is one of a series discussing patient satisfaction and a follow-up on the introduction of the new program we started piloting in the spring of 2017. It may be a case of fortunate timing, but the subject of reviews has been in the news (well, my news) quite a bit lately: Netflix just … Continued

If You’re Happy and You Know it…

Patient Satisfaction. Of all the measures in the industry that can be manipulated to make a hospital or healthcare provider look good (or bad)—and there are plenty—patient satisfaction has to rank high on the list for the weight and amount of attention it receives compared to the evidence it has as a valuable measure on … Continued

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