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Why Woundle? How Gamification Enhances Wound Care Education Engagement (Part II)

In a previous blog, we explored the educational strategies we at Wound Care Advantage have implemented within our network using gamification and positive reinforcement. Since then, because of the outstanding success of our Luvo Points program, we’ve continued redefining what wound care education can look like. And to us, it came down to entertainment and … Continued

Wound Center Management: Insourcing vs Outsourcing vs Support

In today’s healthcare landscape, hospitals face many challenges when it comes to delivering high-quality care while maintaining efficient operations and cost-effectiveness. One of the challenges hospitals have to face is making the decision on whether to outsource or insource their wound center management. Each approach has its own advantages and disadvantages, and hospitals must carefully … Continued

Wound Care Advantage’s New Support Model Provides a Disruptive Solution for Wound Centers to Yield Higher Profits with Lower Expenses

Sierra Madre, Calif. – As hospitals continue to face unprecedented financial challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wound Care Advantage (WCA) is proud to introduce its new Support Model as a unique opportunity for hospitals to save costs and increase their margins while producing quality wound care that is both profitable and accessible. … Continued

Happy Doctors Day

Happy Doctors Day to all our Wound Care Advantage providers! Today we celebrate your unwavering dedication to patient care, and we are in awe of your exceptional skills and leadership. Over the past year, we have seen your resilience and creativity in adapting to the changing landscape of healthcare, and we are grateful for your … Continued

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