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Jeffersonville, IN

Worked with a client on updating her QI board. This was after presenting the Q1 and preliminary Q2 data to the C-Suite. They have a great team in this center and we appreciate all that they do!

Valencia, CA

Troy Peters and I were on-site today to provide the entire wound care team with HBO education and chamber operation training. We were able to work closely with their CHT to ensure she has all the tools and resources WCA provides in order to successfully perform her job.

Conroe, TX

The team at Conroe Regional Medical Center is excited for their first day seeing patients! Warm cookies from WCA helps to motivate them as well!

Conroe, TX

We submitted the implementation plan to Conroe Regional Medical Center. We’ll be onsite the week of July 10th for Go-Live and Luvo EMR training. Welcome to the WCA family of centers, Conroe!

Valencia, CA

A clinician reached out with an inquiry about wound care certification courses for RNs and I was happy to tell her that our relationship with Wound Care Education Institute (WCEI) offers discounted education to all WCA partners. WCA values ongoing education and encourages all of our partners to take full advantage of those opportunities.

Sierra Madre, CA

The first monthly educational webinar was held with Riverside Methodist Hospital wound clinic. Very successful program with many questions and contributions from an incredibly knowledgeable clinical team. Thank you Riverside for your participation!

Glendale, CA

Mendy McIntosh, Program Manager of the Wound Healing Center at Clark Memorial Hospital visited the team at USC Verdugo Hills Hospital in CA this week. She spent time with Svetlana Carovski, Program Director for the center, and me to gain insight and the tools necessary to run an efficient and successful wound care and hyperbaric … Continued

Winchester, KY

The new Clark Regional Center for Wound Care opens this week. Pictured left to right at the cake cutting: Troy Gerrard (PD), Kimberly Mack, Brenda Sparks (RN), Dr. Crystal Kinkade, Robert Parker (CEO) and Chris Stewart (Interim CFO)

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