Say goodbye to expensive management relationships

We're advocates for the financial independence of partner hospitals and the rapid healing of the patients they serve.

Wound Care Physicians healing wounds

We support a network of successful wound healing programs

There is a better way for you as a hospital to operate a wound care program. Dismiss the structure of one-sided management agreements and embrace a new way of thinking that puts you in control. As your ally, we support you in building a financially sustainable program that saves the lives and limbs of your patient population.

Reimagine wound care partnership

See how our approach has improved outcomes for our hospital partners.
"We have found that the best, most clinically effective, most profitable way for hospitals to care for their patients is to operate your own wound care program. On your own, but not alone."
— Mike Comer, Founder & CEO
"WCA ultimately takes care of the business of wound care, which makes the practice of wound care much easier. Quality of care has been preserved at WCA. It makes it a very friendly environment for the doctor."
— Dr. Robert K. Lee, DPM
"We have turned the program around with community education. At the end of last year our HBO treatments had gone up about 120% from the year prior. We have doubled our patient population."
— Layne Hazel, Program Director
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Achieve superior business and clinical outcomes

Our work has had a transformative impact on the nation’s best programs. We offer resources to drive growth, improve performance, and deliver long-term value.
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