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The V.A.C Company Is Sucked Up!

The V.A.C Company Is Sucked Up!

This morning, KCI, the company behind one of the most significant advances in wound care treatment ever; Vacuum Assisted Closure, has agreed to be acquired by an investment company valuing the company at almost 5 billion! Why is this acquisition important? Primarily due to the nature of KCI’s position in the wound care industry. This investment signals that not only is the clinical industry aware of the growing need for wound care, the financial investment industry has taken notice as well. I would guess that this transaction on the heels of the Shire purchase of Advanced Biohealing for over $750 million, will be the starting point for a great deal of activity in our sector over the next several months.

This movement will ultimatley put more focus on the Hospital Outpatient Centers who are often the final purchaser of the products being offered. This allows hospitals with outpatient wound centers a unique opportunity to capture market share from what I also see as a movement to patient-centered marketing due to the financing behind these companies.

I also see these transactions as only the tip of the iceberg. Wound Management Company purchases and mergers, creative approaches to wound care marketing, and substantial changes in the standard wound center models will be occurring over the next several months to years.

Regardless of the final outcome these purchases and changes have, one thing is certain, the focus on outpatient wound care will continue to grow.