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7 Things Hospital Leaders Should Know About Facebook Marketing

7 Things Hospital Leaders Should Know About Facebook Marketing

Our social media team recently had an article featured in Becker’s Hospital Review covering tips for hospitals using the Facebook platform in their marketing strategy.

Since our audience of hospital leaders are very busy we shortened the tips here.

1. Don’t Believe The Media

Teenagers may be leaving Facebook for newer platforms, but a growing number of adults are embracing the platform. Your patient population is still using Facebook.

2. Patient Education Puts You Above Your Competitors

Facebook is a great place to educate your audience on all of your business areas. It is most likely that your local competition is not doing a great job on Facebook.

3. Patient Engagement Builds Loyalty

Make sure that your marketing departments are using your hospital’s Facebook page as a form of customer service. Are patient complaints and concerns being responded to publicly by a member of your staff? Make sure that they are being heard.

4. Don’t Focus Only On Likes

A big mistake most make in social media is to only focus on the numbers. Check to see if your marketing team is providing value.

5. Step Outside of Healthcare

Your hospital is a member of the community. Find other great companies, groups and organizations in your area that are doing great things and help spread the word about those things.

6.You Must Have Visual Content

Make sure your teams are creating original graphics, videos and infographics to improve your success rate.

7.Pay To Play

If you require faster growth on Facebook, you must start advertising. Facebook has a wealth of data and you can target your ads to reach new audiences in your area that most likely will result in more patients for your health system.

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