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We’re consultants who transform how hospitals run profitable wound healing programs.

Our core values

Guided by values beyond profit alone

For nearly two decades, we have empowered hospitals to operate financially and clinically successful wound healing programs that have helped more than 40,000 patients.
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Patient care is everything.
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Empowerment and encouragement are better than restriction.
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Experience, devotion and science push us to build better solutions.
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Honesty and clarity are integral to maintaining a good relationship.
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We must do well in order to do good.
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We will outwork everyone. Every day. Every time.

Stewards of your success

We believe every hospital deserves our very best to improve service to their wound care patients. Collectively, our team represents decades of commitment to the field of wound care and hyperbaric medicine. We hire the best to ensure you get the industry-leading support your patients require.
Mike Comer
Founder & CEO
Melissa Bailey
Rylan Smith
Christina Le
Nick Keezer
Randy Brooker
President of Center Operations
Connie Wood
General Counsel
Michael Curran
VP of Center Operations
Vanessa Ploessel
VP of Revenue Cycle
Pete Schellenbach
VP of Technology
Morgan Craven
VP of Human Resources
John Gambol
MD FAPWHc Chief Medical Officer
Karen Redmond
Corporate Advisor
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The People of WCA

When Dr. John Gambol first started practicing hyperbaric medicine in Florida more than 20 years ago, he assumed most of his patients would be scuba divers. But he was incorrect.
— John Gambol, MD FAPWHc Chief Medical Officer
"Forming those relationships with the c-suite, the chief nursing officers, the chief financial officers and all the way up to the CEO. Just being able to form that partnership and sometimes become friends with them is really the most challenging and rewarding part."
— Randy Brooker, President of Center Operations
"I’ve always been interested in healthcare and once I started learning more and more I said, 'I want to be a part of that!' I want to see if I can find a way to make a difference."
— Vanessa Ploessel, MHA Director of Denials Management