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The technology that powers the WCA Network

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Running a wound center? Let us help.

The support offered by The WCA Network simplifies operations so you can focus on healing patients.

Your Wound Care Program, Optimized, Streamlined, and Stronger than Ever


"Volume has been steadily falling for my center."

Your provider referral program is completely revamped and modernized through FlightPlan, an application that tracks, manages, and supports your provider relationships to encourage a dependable stream of patient referrals.


"Medicare rejection means we aren't getting paid for the care we provide."

Keep your team ahead of changes to your center's LCD and NCD codes with the Luvo LCD Tracker, updated weekly.

Reduce medicare rejection by submitting patient charts to WCA for review. Our experts will confirm medical necessity for HBOT and CTP treatments as well as offer recommendations and guidance for usage.


"It's difficult to show hospital leadership that my center is operating effectively and efficiently."

By harnessing, not only your data, but the data of every center on The WCA Network, Luvo Reports utilizes advanced business intelligence tools to generate annual, quarterly, and daily reports that are concise and actionable.

With clear metrics and benchmarks, program leadership can engage with c-suite teams and offer detailed and meaningful insight, backed by data.